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Elham Jahanifard

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Scorpion Researcher CV

First name: Elham

Elham jahanifard

Last name: Jahanifard
Nationality: Iranian
Address: Department of Medical Entomology and Vector Control, School of Public Health, Tehran University of Sciences, Tehran, P. O. Box 6446-14155, Tehran, I.R.Iran.
Tel: +989166070841
E.mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Ph.D: Student of Medical Entomology and Vector Control,School of Public Health,Tehran University of Medical Sciences,Tehran,Iran.

Dissertation: Modelling for the presence of the main vector & reservoir host of zoonotic cutaneous leishmaniasis using GIS and RS  and comparing between AHP and logestic regression methods in costal and plain areas of endemic foci of Khuzistan province,Iran

MSPH:Comparative study on the repellency effects of essential oil of Myrtus communis and DEET against P.papatasi ,the main vector of zoonotic cutaneous leishmaniasis under laboratory and filed circumistances.
BSc: Biology (zoology), school of science Esfahan  University, Esfahan,Iran.

Position,Honor,Distinctions and Societies membership: 

1-Ranked first in MSPH graduating class 1997

2-Top student in Ph.D. national examination board & scientific interview( TUMS,2011)
3-member of scientific board of the first regional congress on venomous animals & toxin

4-member of Iranian society of medical entomology

Computer Knowledge:

Word, power point, internet, spss, GIS and RS (ENVI and ER-Mapper)

Language skill:

English (MCHE: English Proficiency Test of the Ministry of Science and Technology,2008) ,farsi


Zoology-medical entomology-important rodent of medicine-lab of leishmaniasis-morphology of scorpion


-Investigator in Razi Vaccine and Serum Research Institute Ahvaz,Iran

-Colonization of P.papatasi in Insectary of Phlebotomous , Health Department, Tehran University of Medical Sciences

Side Experience:


-Certificate of attendance in Training course on recognition, identification, mounting and dissection of phlebotomine sand flies helding during ISOPS7 (2011).

-Certificate of attendance in how to publish a scientific journal article by Springer(2011).

-Attending on workshop of critical Appraisal (2012)

-Certificate of scientific writing (2009).

Papers presented in national and international meetings:

1-Hosseini M, Jahanifard E, Akhavan AA, Yaghoobi-Ershadi MR (2003). Host immune response to sand flies bite. Health Congress, Tehran, Iran. 19-20 May 2003.P.187.

2-Jahanifard  E, Yaghoobi-Ershadi MR, Akhavan AA, Vatandoost H, Amin GH, Moosavi L, Zahraei-Ramzani AR, Abdoli H, Arandian MH, Saeidi Z(2006). Study on  repellency effect of Myrtus Communis L. essential oil and DEET on P.papatasi, main vector of zoonotic cutaneous leishmaniasis in laboratory, Iran.2nd Iranian Congress on Medical Entomology  & Vector Control.16-18 May 2006.P.22.

3-Shayeghi M, Piazak N, Shayeghi F, Jahanifard E, Abtahi M(2006). Distribution of soft tick and relapsing fever in sabzevar. 2nd Iranian Congeress on Medical Entomology and Vector Control.16-18 May 2006.P.97.

4-Navidpour Sh, Vazirian Zadeh B, Jahanifard E, Azari-Hamidian Sh, Taheri A,Massah A(2008).The study of culicidae in Shadegan marshland  in Khuzestan province ,Iran. 6th Iranian National Congress of Parasitology,27-29 May,2008.P,486.

5-Jahanifard E, Navidpour Sh, Massah A, Vazirian zadeh B(2008).Study of Anophlinae (Diptera:Culicidae) in Shadegan marshland in Khuzestan province.6th Iranian National Congress of Parasitology. 27-29 May 2008, P.485.

6- Jahanifard E, Navidpour Sh, Vazirian zadeh B (2007). Phlebotomine (Diptera: Psychodidae) of Marshlands in Khuzestan province. 5th National Congress of Zoonoses. 21-23 Nov, 2007,P.96.

7-Navidpour  Sh, Jahanifard E, Vazirian zadeh B (2007). Study on Tabanidae (Diptera) in  the Shadegan and Hovayzeh marshland in Khoozestan province ā€“southwest Iran. 21th International Conference of  the World Association for the Advancement of Veterinary Parasitology, Gent, Belgium 19th -23rd August 2007, P.442.

8-Navidpour Sh, Kovarik F, Soleglad  V, Fet V,Masihipour B, Jahanifard E(2008). Ecomorphotypes of scorpions of Khoozestan (south western Iran) (Scorpiones: Buthidae, Scorpionidae, Hemiscorpiidae). 24th European Congress of Arachnology, 25-29. August 2008in Bern, Switzerland. P.57.

9-Akhavan AA, Hosseini M, Yaghoobi-Ershadi MR, Jahanifard E, Ebrahimi B(2005). Sexing pupae of P.papatasi (Diptera: Psychodidae) during a colonization in Iran. Proceeding of the fifth International Symposium on Phlebotomine Sand flies, Vol 82, Nov 1.Tunis-Tunisia April 17-21,(ISOPS V),2005,P.99.

10-Jahanifard E,Yaghoobi ā€“ Ershadi MR,Akhavan AA,Vatandoost  H,Amin GH,Mousavi L,Hosseini M,Zahraei-Ramazani AR, Abdoli H,Arandian MH(2011).  Filed evaluation of two repellents,Myrtle essential oil   and DEET against Phleobotomus papatasi  Scoploi in Islamic Republic of Iran. Isops 7,25-30 April 2011-Kushadasi Turkey,P.209.

11-Sayyadi M, Rafinejad J, Vahabi A, Jahanifard E(2011). Scorpions fauna and their distribution in Paveh Township. The first regional Congress on Venomous Animals & Toxin. Karaj, Iran. 22-24 Nov 2011.

12-Vahabi L, Rafinejad J, Vahabi A, Jahanifard E (2011). Scorpions fauna and their distribution in Marivan Township. The first regional Congress on Venomous Animals & Toxin. Karaj,Iran. 22-24 Nov 2011.

13-Vahabi A, Mohammadi A, Rafinejad J, Jahanifard E (2011). Faunestic study and biodiversity species of Scorpions in Saghez Township in 2008-2009. The first regional Congress on Venomous Animals & Toxin. Karaj, Iran. 22-24 Nov 2011.

14-Jahanifard E, Navidpour SH, Masihipour B(2011). Identification of Hottentotta schach and Hottentotta saulcyi (Scorpiones: Buthidae) by using sternocoxal area. The first  regional Congress on Venomous Animals & Toxin. Karaj, Iran. 22-24 Nov 2011.


1-Yaghoobi-Ershadi MR,Akhavan AA,Jahanifard E,Vatandoost H,Amin GH,Moosavi L,Zahraei-Ramazani AR,Abdoli H,Arandian MH(2006).Repellency effect of Myrtle essential oil and DEET against Phlebotomous papatasi under laboratory conditions.Iranian Journal of Public Health.35(3):7-13.

2- Navidpour SH,Jahanifard E(2007).Tabanidae species in the Hoveizeh and  marshlands of Khouzestan province,Iran.J Exp Zool India.10(2):313-315.

3-Jahanifard E,Navidpour  SH,Masihipour B(2008).Pedipalps and venom vesicle anomalies in two families in two families of scorpions(scorpions:Hemiscorpiidae,Buthidae)from Iran.Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences.11(2):309-311.

4-Masihipour B,Taghavi-Moghadam A,Navidpour SH,Jahanifard E(2008).Effect of Mesobuthus eupues Philipisi (scorpions:Buthidae) venom on white blood cells albino mice.Biochem Cell Arch.8(2):269-271.

5-Navidpour SH,Abdi-Goudarzi M,Gholamyian A,Jahanifard E(2009).Geographical races of old world screw-worm fly,Chrysomyia bezziana Villeneneuve,1914,in south-western Iran.Journal of Biological Sciences.

6-Jahanifard E,Vazirianzadeh B, Navidpour SH(2009).Study on phlebotominae of two big marshlands of Khoozestan province Iran.J Exp Zool India.12(2):407-408.




1-Study of trichobothrial pattern and sternum in buthid scorpions in Khuzestan Province

2-Fauna of vectors and reservoirs of leishmania and identification of parasite in Hoveyzeh using seminested-PCR

3-Study of culicinaein Hovizeh and   Shadegan marshlands

4-Study on pattern of burrowing scorpion nests in Khuzestan province.

5-Study of scorpion hunting behavior in Khuzestan province

6-Study on ecomorphotype of scorpion in  Iran

7-Identification and study the ecological importance of spiders in Khuzestan province.

8-study on some epidemiological aspects of cutaneous leishmaniasis in Shush county,Khuzestan.

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